If you're a company with a product you'd like me to review, I'm open to learning more about you and your wares. Contact me: grammarissa (at) me (dot) com. Or leave a comment here... or use the green buttons on the right side of my blog. I'm around and I'd be glad to hear from you. :)

Why Grammarissa's Reviews Are Awesome

Sure, there are product reviews all over the Blogosphere (with a capital B), but I think my reviews are higher quality and perhaps a little more intense than those the casual blogger might write.

Why my reviews are different:
  1. I try products that are meaningful to me. If I'm looking for a solution to a problem I have or I'm looking for something new for fun, I write my reviews to share what I'm learning when I try these new things. 
  2. Not every single review is a rainbow and cupcakes, sunshiny "go buy it now" review. I'm not harsh, but I'm critical. I break in new clothes, I eat/drink things a few times, and I learn about how they work vs. how they're supposed to work. And if something isn't a good value for the price, I will say so. 
  3. I'm not paid to do this. (Product samples, IMHO, are gifts.) My opinions are my own and I'm not a professional athlete, brand builder, or sales person. 

Products I've Reviewed:

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