Wednesday, November 20

Taking a Break from Racing: Marshall University Half Marathon

Gosh. So it's been awhile since I wrote. My sincerest apologies… I'm juggling life not unlike anyone
else, only currently life's juggling involves less time online.

So I ran my third half marathon on 11/10! It was wonderful. I finished with a time between my other two times, so I'm pleased that I have an average to work on for next year.

Yes, I'm done racing for the year. This means I'm abandoning my goal of running a race every month. I did it for as long as I could manage, and I am pleased with that, but cold weather running has me chickening out a bit since the aforementioned juggling act leaves me such little time as it is. I'm planning to use this time away from racing as time to build more strength, particularly in my core and legs, to bolster my running in the spring time. I also think this is a good time for me to take a break because I was convinced I had a stress fracture in my right foot the day after this race… I got it x-rayed and it's fine, but the pain is enough for me. I'm prepared to take it easier on my feet for a few weeks.

The Marshall Marathon and Half Marathon were lovely. We had beautiful weather and a nice flat course. I'm delighted to announce that my Oiselle teammate Aubrey came in 2nd overall for the marathon (!) and 1st for women (!!!). What a fast bird she is! I was glad that I got to meet her again. We hugged and celebrated her victory with upbeat chatter as we both cooled down from running. I'm so proud to be on the same team as this quick lady!

This is me at mile nine. I'm still smiling!
I waited to blog about the Marshall Marathon (I ran the half--let's be clear on that) because I had a problem. The day I got my number I was told that I did not pay for the jacket and shirt… but I had. I was a little irritated that I didn't get them on the day of the race. However, afterwards the race director was kind enough to check the records to see that yes, in fact, I had paid for these items. While I am still a tiny bit irked that I got size medium (when I requested small… when I originally paid for the items…), I'm glad to have the items anyway. The jacket is really nice and it's my first race jacket. :) I'm glad that they were willing to mail them to me.

As I mentioned, the race was really nice. The water stops were well-spaced, the crowd that gathered was just enough to boost my energy, and the course varied between concrete, pavement, and even a little dirt trail. I definitely plan to run this race again. I like that it's small (with a few hundred participants, not thousand…).


  1. Congrats on your race and for deciding to take a break from racing. I think I need to do that as well. I finally convinced myself to take a month of off running after doing a race a month for over a year... now I'm wondering if I need more than a month. I am paranoid I have a stress fracture in my toe (which is oddly similar to your experience)... but not sure if I will get xrays. Hoping orthodics helps!

  2. Great job on the race! Glad they sent the swag, that's really crappy they had it wrong though. So disappointing! Sounds like a pretty race anyway. :)


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