Tuesday, November 5

Part-Time… everything

I'm a part-time worker at several jobs right now... I'm still underemployed. I haven't found a full-time position… So I have taken on a few retail options for the time being. Money is tighter than ever before. I'm more afraid than ever. But I'm also more determined than ever before.

I skipped my race on Sunday. I feel bad about that because I paid the entry fee… so it feels like wasted money. I also feel bad because I hadn't dedicated any time to run last week. Starting new jobs is stressful though. I also needed rest because I was certain I was going to catch a cold. Thank goodness I didn't. A little extra sleep and some vitamin C went a long way for my health.

So in addition to being a part-time worker in so many jobs, I appear to also be living part-time. Nothing in my life seems fully committed right now--running included. I'm a part-time runner...

I've felt sluggish these past few times at the gym. I'm running my last race for 2013 on Sunday--the Marshall University Half Marathon. Yes, you're right. I was supposed to be running the full marathon--my first one. But I switched races a week ago because I'm not convinced that I am ready to run the full marathon. I don't feel like I've trained well enough. My first marathon will be a different one. Just not right now.

I'm juggling quite a few things and don't feel "all there" in a variety of circumstances, but I'm pushing onward. What I'm doing is just how I have to live my life right now. It's not forever. (I have to keep telling myself that.)


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