Monday, August 22

Back-post 5/11/11: hummingbird feeder

I always wanted to see if I could coerce a hummingbird to visit my porch. It seems that all it took was the right feeder, a lot of red ribbon, and some (boiled) sweetened water.

I had seen a few of these little guys fluttering around the feeder, but wasn't sure I'd be able to capture a photo. This one is taken through a screen and a window with my tiny little digital camera. Despite the layers of my house in the way, I was delighted with the picture!

And because I love it so much, here is the only other photo I got... I love that their wings are a total blur. I can only imagine how much energy they expend keeping themselves in the air, darting around the way they do.


  1. I adore hummingbirds! How exciting that you got one to visit! :D

  2. we have hummers all the time as well. don't go to all the trouble of boiling the water. just put the sugar in tap water and let it dissolve. it takes a bit longer for the sugar to dissolve in the cooler water.

  3. Honestly, I was just passing by the window at the right time... I'm really lucky I got a picture of this bird. I would like to get a better camera to take other photos, but it appears that would be quite an investment, so that's on the shelf for now.


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