Friday, March 15

Made in the USA!

I was already really proud to be part of the Oiselle Running team, but as items from their spring collection have slowly trickled out my pride in this organization has grown exponentially.

Nearly EVERY piece in the spring collection boasts "Made in the USA." This is phenomenal, considering that most sports apparel companies manufacture at least the synthetic materials overseas.

Generally speaking, the cotton items are easier to find state-side, and Oiselle cotton and cotton-blend items were made in the USA consistently (one of the reasons I really wanted to represent this brand!). However, the synthetic poly-blend, nylon, polyester, and spandex items were usually made in China, Malaysia, etc.

Not anymore. It seems that Oiselle is pushing hard to make more items in their line in the United States. Many of the new items using synthetic materials--most surprisingly, the new line of sports bras--are made in the USA!

Oiselle is breaking down barriers, in my humble opinion, by offering women the choice of apparel made in our country. At a time when jobs are disappearing (mine included), it's exciting to know that people who enjoy the same freedoms as I do are on the other end of the product line.

Kudos, Oiselle. :)


  1. It's a breath of fresh air isn't it! I love this too, thanks for sharing this post :)

  2. You're welcome! I'm just so thrilled!! The future is bright. :)

  3. I just LOVE the spring line - can't wait until my new bras and mio mesh tank arrive!

  4. Yes! The things I have from the spring line are fabulous and I love reading what you lady birds have to say about the other pieces I didn't buy. That Mio mesh tank is definitely on my hit list... :)


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