Saturday, March 12

Check, check, and check

While searching through old blog entries on Sugarpacket, my old blog, I came across my first post about knitting. In it, I declare that learning to knit was on my Lifelong List of Things to Do...

I listed a few other things I hoped to do:

Yes, look out world, I'm a knitting monster.
I suppose this is a "checkmark" on my Lifelong List of Things To-Do, right up there with getting the nerve to fly in a plane, eat raw fish, and get lasic surgery to be independent of my eyewear...

(I'm not going to comment on the grammar of that excerpt. I'm admittedly ashamed, but grateful that I've grown as a writer!)
Now, about six years and a few months since that post, I can say that I've done all of those things! I flew for the first time in 2008 and by myself last year. I love sushi (just had my first Mexican roll last week—spicy tuna, avocado, and shrimp). And I am now free of eyewear, thanks to my PRK surgery in November!

I guess it's time to add to my list of things to do... Suggestions welcome.

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