Wednesday, August 22

From seeds: sunflowers

I have a real sense of pride when I look at my sunflower. It was one of the first plants to differentiate itself among my seedlings that, ahem, were unlabeled, so I knew a little more about what to expect in terms of development. I knew I wouldn't get a flower head until it was pretty tall. This one is about four and a half feet tall. Because I have a raised bed for my garden, this put the flower at nearly eye level for six foot tall Karissa!
The bumble bees in my yard have kept busy in this one flower. Every day I see at least two bees in there covering themselves in pollen. I snapped a picture just the other day, even though the flower head itself is a little worse for the wear at this stage (petals are falling off, the seeds in the center are being pecked away). 

I'm excited to see how my other sunflowers turn out. I have another stalk with at least three flower heads on it. I think it's a different variety of the flower. (I used seeds from a variety pack, adding more suspense to the "secret garden.")

Knowing my success with sunflowers this year makes me want to plant a bunch of them next year. Perhaps the wall along the back of my house, facing sunrise, would do well lined with these beauties.

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