Saturday, August 10

Liberty Mile 2013

I finally got to meet some Oiselle birds at a race! Woohoo!

Yesterday's GNC Live Well Liberty Mile was a smash. I loved it. Fast race with fast people, and I got to watch the heats of even *faster* people afterwards. It was a real rush to see people finish a mile in less than five minutes. Wowzer.

I finished with a shiny new PR at 9:03. :)

Afterwards, I snagged a pic with Magdalena, the female Master's Mile champ.
Magdalena and me.

Then I waited for the women's Pro Mile so I could see some BIRDS FLY!

I got to meet up with Jennie Castle and two of the newest Oiselle Team additions, Aubrey Moskal and Jordan Hamric, both hailing from West Virginia.
Me and Jennie.
Jordan, Aubrey, and me. (Sporting our Oiselle temp tats!)
The race was really well organized and the weather cooperated (a little) by not showering us. The pummeling storms got out of the way earlier in the day... but there was quite a bit of humidity. Ick. At least this year I could participate! Last year I missed this race because my asthma was so awful I wasn't even able to be outside in this kind of weather! Cheers to running for cardiovascular health, y'all. :) I'm crushing asthma one race and one mile at a time now!


  1. How fun! I love that mile races are back in style. I haven't done one but I will have to add it to my list for fun this fall. Great job on your PR!!!

  2. Awesome, I have no idea how I would do in a mile race but it's intriguing. Congrats on the PR!


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