Wednesday, January 12

New blog, old blog

I'm attempting to migrate my old blog—my school blog, which I've kept for over seven years now—to Blogger, since the school is switching from Movable Type to Wordpress and is leaving old users (read: graduates who still blog) behind. I suppose it was only a matter of time, considering the university let us keep using its blogosphere for free. What I'll miss is the clout that came with having the university's name in my URL.

The archive of my old blog is almost 1gb of fun and Blogger kicked it back when I tried to upload it a few hours ago... I let the browser churn for about three hours before calling it quits and deciding to get this thing established in its own right.

I don't know exactly what will happen to my old blog, but it was called Sugarpacket. It may still exist somewhere in cyberspace, but I won't be able to post to it soon. Sionara...

My beloved Sugarpacket. The title suited me for years and perhaps still does, but I'm hesitant to continue blogging under that name. I'm trying to move into the professional world more and more, so it's possible that if my blog name reflects that I might find the transition easier. (This is all theory.) I'm not sure I like the title I came up with—The Glory of Writing—except that it was all I could think of when trying to get this new blog going.

We'll see if I can get the old blog to redirect to this new one... Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck! I always think about doing something with my old blog... guess I better get on that before it's too late! I haven't updated in ages. I didn't blog for a long time, but recently started my new blog, CraftyMoira. My goal is to be consistent about blogging throughout the year in order to get back in the swing of it. I miss the Seton Hill blogosphere!

  2. I miss it too. Especially now since my blog is broken. I'm still fiddling with the archives to get them to work, but I would much rather import my content here so it's searchable. It's too much of a part of my life to just let it slip away. Seven years' worth of blogging! Go log in and at least export your archive so you'll have it. I would do that soon, since Dr. Jerz is moving quickly.

    I was glad to see you have a new blog. I was perusing your posts and remembered our good times in college. Craft Club!! I'm glad you're still crafting; clearly it's your way of life! I love that.

  3. Craft Club totally sparked my current career direction! I never would have guessed! I really just wanted to make new friends when I started the club, and I figured that people who liked being crafty would be people I'd like being around. Now my job is to teach middle school kids how to be crafty! :) It's mostly focused on jewelry, but I totally sneak all sorts of non-jewelry projects in... do you remember the Random Crafts of Kindness that we did for Valentine's Day? We're totally doing that exactly same project in class this week... I can't wait! :)


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