Friday, January 21

Tweet and retweet

I joined Twitter today. I never thought I would, but I'm giving it a shot. Enjoy the Twitter feed to the right. Feel free to follow!

I also changed my blog title to "The Adventures of Grammarissa." I was given the nickname Grammarissa at work because of my penchant for grammar. When combined with my first name, Karissa, it fits well (despite the fact that my colleague tends to call me "Gramma").

Perhaps this is the new change I needed...


  1. I started with twitter as a part of a contest & to write an article about the experience (
    I have it set up so that I can tweet via text, and it makes me feel very fancy... haha! I also post to facebook via twitter, which I like because it means I hardly ever have to log into facebook... haha!
    So how the heck are you? I saw an interesting sugar packet somewhere kinda recently & thought of you! Do you have pictures of your collection?

  2. Wow, thanks for being my first comment, Moira!

    I don't have pictures of my collection (yet). It has spiraled out of control in recent years. I have SO many sugarpackets. I still collect them! The ones I love most have stories attached to them, like the ones you brought back for me from your European jaunt! I love the stories you wrote on them.

  3. Yay! That's so awesome. I'll definitely grab cool sugarpackets when I see them. And stories are a given. :)


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