Monday, February 11

Adventures in nutrition: Premier Protein bars (review)

In January, I won a "Protein Pop" box prize from Premier Protein via Twitter (@PremierProtein). In the box I found two chocolate shakes, two vanilla shakes (read my review of the shakes here), and two of three different flavors of bars: chocolate deluxe, chocolate peanut butter, and yogurt peanut crunch.

I decided to take about a month to try all my samples and see what I thought before writing my reviews. That way I could see how my body liked them in addition to how much my taste buds liked them.

Here is my review of the bars... 

Double chocolate crunch bar: (top left) This tasty treat comes packed with 30g of protein. I was pleased with the texture of the bar. It wasn't gritty. It wasn't so chewy that I wore out my jaw trying to eat it. But it was easy to swallow because of its flavor. Chocolate-on-chocolate foods can't really go wrong. Premier Protein takes chocolate to the next level, though, by making your daily dose of chocolate a better source of protein for energy and everyday nutrition.

Chocolate peanut butter bar: (not pictured) Again, nothing wrong with 30g of protein in a small package! The chocolate peanut butter bar was a little too sweet (even by my standards, and I like cake flavored ice cream). I ate this bar slowly and tempered the sweetness with a nice glass of milk to wash it down. I still enjoyed the bar, but I didn't taste so much peanut butter as I did very sweet chocolate.

Yogurt peanut crunch: (bottom left) I'll admit it--this is my favorite. Perhaps because it's completely different, perhaps because I haven't tasted anything like it before, or perhaps because I loved the crunch of the peanuts... But no matter the reason, this was the best thing I received from Premier Protein! I loved the mellow sweetness of the yogurt coating paired with the oh-so-slight saltiness of the peanuts inside. I ate this one faster than the other two... and now I wish I had more!

All in all, I think the Premier Protein bars are a great value (check out their website for pricing) for as much protein as you get in every bar.

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  1. I ate this bar slowly and tempered the sweetness with a nice glass of milk to wash it down. protein bar


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