Sunday, July 28

Adventures with Injinji: Yoga Toe Socks (review)

Guess what? I'm in love with another kind of Injinji socks! I had a GroupOn for 20 yoga classes in my neighborhood and I took my Injinji yoga socks for every session. 

The toe socks are essentially the same fit and form as the performance toe socks (reviewed original version and run 2.0), but with the addition of some tiny little rubber dots on the sole for grippiness.

The yoga socks also come in different colors than the performance socks... and with a cute stripe pattern on the toe and ankle band. This helped me make sure I took my yoga socks to yoga and my running socks for running. I'm sure nothing bad would happen running in yoga socks, but doing yoga in regular socks is *hard.* So I recommend keeping your Injinji yoga socks in a separate location just so you're not forced to peel down to bare feet to keep from slipping.
Tiny gripper dots

The little grippers on the bottom are just that--little. I'm convinced the grippiness would be improved if they were a little larger. You can see how small they are in the next two pictures (close up of the toes and foot).

I recommend these socks for people who freak out a little about putting bare feet on the bare floor in the yoga studio. Not only do they provide a barrier between you and the floor, they also keep cold feet warm. I found them useful in group yoga practice, but at home I appreciated the opportunity to go bare foot.

I think if the grippers were larger I would be more inclined to wear them for yoga at home.

Gripper dots also on outside of
foot. Good for side planks!
The only drawbacks to these socks are the pilling. It happens relatively early in the life of the sock. I've washed them in the gentle cycle with my other workout clothes, letting them air dry so the dryer isn't the cause. I think the pilling is due to the friction between the foot and the yoga mat.

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