Monday, May 13

Feeling like a champ again: Race for the Cure 5k

At the starting line with Ryanne.
Running a 5k the week after you run a half marathon is, in my opinion, a great idea. You feel like The Champion of All Things Running because you just conquered that 3.1 in the time it took you to get warmed up last week.

Yesterday morning was really cool (like 39º) but beautifully sunny and otherwise springlike, complete with pollen and allergens! The Race for the Cure in Pittsburgh is evidently the largest in the state. (That's what the announcer fella said anyway.) There was a great crowd. Not everyone in the 5k was running competitively. I was because I wanted to be timed. My friend from college, Ryanne, wasn't, but she was an excellent running companion.

Ryanne is an amazing biker chick--as in she's doing the Race Across America (RAAM) next year with a team of ladies raising money for pulmonary hypertension. Her cousin was doing the Race for the Cure and they wanted more people on their team, so I signed up. Yay for teammates! She met me at the starting line and we took off together.

Little did I know that she was snapping pictures of me while I was running!

The course was hilly. I should have known. It's through a park I've run through only a handful of times with my friend Jenny, but it's in a neighborhood called "Squirrel Hill," so you know how the hills of Pennsylvania kinda creep up on you... That's how this race was. Oh well.

Finish line shot! Woohoo!
I felt really good, considering that I was still tight from last week. I slowed down a few times to climb the hills, which is typical for me. My training plan for my next half (in October) includes much more hill work. I kept moving and when we approached the finish line, I took off like a rocket when I saw I could get in under 33:10. I finished at 33:07.

I feel okay today, which is nice. I expected to be a little more sore, but I was definitely exhausted last night! I have 5ks planned throughout the rest of the summer. My goal? Finish
a 5k under 30 minutes this summer. I know I can do it. I know it. I've come close. I just need to push a little harder.


  1. Hey Karissa, nice to meet you and find your blog! I found you through the Oiselle site. I live in Pittsburgh too! I just completed my first half marathon. Glad to meet another local runner. I need to start writing more about my running journey!

  2. Hi Sarah! Thanks for checking out my blog! It is always nice to know another Pittsburgh runner! I read the post you wrote about running in 10º and it sounds like we are on similar journeys. If you found me through the Oiselle site, that means you're already my kind of gal--you rock Oiselle and you run! Keep at it and share with me. I'd love to hear more about how your running is going.

  3. You will get that sub-30:00. I ran a 5K last weekend after my half and it felt really weird to be done after three miles! And my body hasn't figured out how to run at a faster pace because of all that half marathon training!


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