Tuesday, May 28

Memorial Day Service Over Self 5k: Intro to "Pain Face"

Exhibit A: Trying to force a smile
In what was surely one of the most well-organized local 5k races I've enjoyed, I was finally the victim of what other runners consider "Pain Face" photography. See Exhibit A.

Exhibit B nails it. I'm not really in terribly too much pain, but I wasn't trying to smile anymore. My only thought was just to get to the finish line.

Let's be honest, here. The best part of these photos is the sweet Oiselle hat I'm wearing. Yay!

After some somber, thoughtful, moving moments at the Memorial Day 5k, I ran a decent pace through a wildly hilly course. I finished in 32:23. Not great, but not awful.

The major hill in this town (home to my alma mater) is one-way in almost all directions for cars. In college, it was this hill that made poor drivers the fool du jour when their stick shift skills couldn't keep them from stalling out.

Exhibit B: No smiles
I was not going to power up that hill. That's okay. Hills aren't my forte. I know I need to work on them (a lot). They're a big part of my training plan for this second half marathon (in October), so I intend to improve. I just didn't feel like killing myself over this insane incline. It was making me feel a little icky in the asthma department anyway. Oy.

So hills and strength training are on the menu as we say g'bye to May and hello to June, welcoming the longer days.

Anyone have any favorite hill workouts to share? What about other training that has helped you conquer hills? I am ALL EARS!

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