Thursday, October 10

Running maintains my sanity

It does. Running helps me maintain my sanity. Even though I don't do it as much as I should (according to my training program).

And what am I training for?

I'm glad you asked. :)

Sunday, October 13th I am running my second half marathon! It's exciting for me because one of my closest friends recently caught the running bug and this will be the first time we run together because she's not local.

I feel MUCH more prepared for this race than I did for my first half marathon. I think that feeling is accurate because of two main differences: 1) My asthma is under control. 2) I have a stronger base.

Am I worried? A little. Sometimes that left achilles pipes up and I wish it wouldn't. Also, there's potential that the humidity will be higher than here at home. The race is on Staten Island, so I'm not sure what to expect.

So because I'm actually crazy, Saturday the following week (October 19) I'm running a brand new 5k. Then the first weekend the following month (November 3) I'm running Pittsburgh's first 10 miler. And the following week? My first marathon (November 10).

I'm nervous about the marathon because I haven't run that far yet, but I know from the half marathon I have a decent base. Besides, if I want to stop running after just the half I can. That's nice to know, but right now I'm planning like I'm going to run the full.

And this craziness maintains my sanity amid loneliness, joblessness, moneylessness, insurancelessness, and (sometimes) hopelessness.


  1. Thinking of you this weekend, good luck girl!

  2. Thanks, lady! I'm reconsidering the full marathon here soon... Not sure I want to do it only to end up hurt.


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