Thursday, October 3

The Great Race 10k version 2.0

I ran The Great Race again this year. Now last year when I ran it, it was the first time I had ever run more than five miles. This year, I had another 10k, several other 5ks, and a half marathon under my belt. I felt good.

I didn't do as well as I felt, though. I know I'm not eating right at the moment. It's tough to make food choices based on what I need in my diet and what I can afford. I hate making those choices.

Anyway, it took me three extra minutes to finish this year, 1:11:43 is what I ran. (Last year I was around 1:08, so you see my disappointment.)

I'm glad I ran it though. I need a wake-up call like that every once in awhile, I suppose. I'm trying to keep going as a runner while trying to keep going as a human being and neither is an easy course of action.

Here's my least favorite stretch of The Great Race...
Almost all the people I talked to about the race said it was their least favorite part too. It's like you've already run five miles and you have a little left to go, but it seems much longer on this stretch of road. The view isn't that great (unless you look to the left... and risk running into people) and it's really sunny.

So I'm glad I ran the race. My music helped me keep up a decent pace. Too bad I didn't beat the time from last year. Guess I have to wait for 2014 now.


  1. That photo of you is GREAT! How do you look so perfect and poised when running? Amazing!

  2. Thanks, Paulette! You're too kind. :) I just keep my head up and my wings out, I suppose! #oisellelove


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