Friday, June 7

Adventures with Injinji: Running Toe Socks 2.0 (review)

Okay, Injinji fans. If you loved the original running toe sock (read my first review), you are going to love Run 2.0.

I've had my original weight no-show and crew toe socks in the mix with my other running socks and I noticed myself grabbing my Injinji socks more and more often. You know exactly what I mean--it's like  those two or three favorite shirts you always gravitate towards in your closet no matter what. Whether it's subliminal or conscious, the fact is we develop preferences. I recognized that I preferred to run in my Injinji toe socks, so I bought two pairs of the Run 2.0 when I learned they were available.
As in my original review, I bought a pair of crew socks (purple) and a pair of no-shows (blue). Initial impression: I'm thrilled with the vibrant colors! Aesthetics aside, the tight knit I had come to expect from Injinji was taken to another level with the arch-hugging support, and the more open mesh-like knit on the top of the foot. 

For this review, I ran in each pair of socks twice (and washed them each twice). I'm delighted to report that both pairs have less pilling than my original running toe socks. I think the changes in knit might be the difference. (Again, I follow the instructions for washing/drying with all my running apparel; all my socks are washed in a mesh "delicates" bag.)

The named difference between the crew and the no-show is obvious with the height of the sock on the calf, but the invisible--but felt--difference is the weight of the knit. The no-show socks are original weight and the crew socks are "mid weight." The website says this design is "perfect for those who prefer 'more of a sock' for long runs and demanding workouts." You won't be able to tell the difference until you put on the socks and actually walk in them.
The mid weight really is a little cushier. I wore them on a seven mile run on a cooler evening in May. No issues with moisture management or slippage, as usual with my Injinji socks, but when my run was over I noticed my feet didn't have that feeling of being beaten. You know the feeling--it's like the soles of your feet were just pounded with cement blocks over and over again. If you're not a cushiony shoe person but still want to alleviate a little stress with sock padding, I'd say the mid weight is a pretty good choice. Again: make sure you follow their sizing guide to make sure you get the right fit!

If you haven't checked out Injinji yet, I urge you to do so. I've found their socks to be a great addition to my running wardrobe. The colors are cheerful (they do have neutrals, if color isn't your thing) and the design is great. They *only* make socks, so they're not trying to be a mega company making all things--it's a specialty. I never knew socks could be a specialty... and I certainly didn't think it would be toe socks for running!

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