Saturday, June 29

Adventures in Fashion: Little Black Bag (review & coupon!)

One of my dearest friends will be married next month. My dilemma? I needed shoes to wear with the dress I already have. I have ballerina flats like whoa, but the sandals I have aren't in good enough shape to pull off with a fancier dress.

I was hunting for a fresh, fun pair in a coral color to pop from my dress, which is more demure because I'm merely a reader for this small, intimate wedding, but I didn't want anything crazy. And they had to be flat. Because I'm 6'0" and already taller than my boyfriend (and almost everyone else).

Enter Little Black Bag. I had heard about this shopping site through yet another shopping site (one of the Internet's versions of Pandora's Box). Brands include BCBG, Steve Madden, Betsey Johnson, Nila Anthony, Deux Lux, Big Buddha, Coconuts, Penny Loves Kenny, Charlotte Ronson, and Chinese Laundry, among others.

What's cool about LBB is that you browse all the wares on their site and get to purchase one chic, designer item--purse, shoes, jewelry, makeup--and then you receive two additional mystery items in your "bag."

Once you check out, you learn what your mystery items are, but the fun isn't over. You can trade any of your items with other LBB buyers. People will propose trades and you can accept or reject. Ultimately, you choose what items you'd like to have (no one can take something from your bag without your permission) and you click "buy my bag" when you're pleased with your selections.

So when I found some cute coral colored flat sandals at a great price, I bought them and got my mystery items. I went into the trading site and ended up keeping all my original items, even though some of the trades people offered were pretty cool.

Here's what I received when I got my box today:
My first Little Black Bag order
I got my Penny Loves Kenny sandals, some skyn Iceland makeup removal wipes, and a pair of All the Rage earrings. I see the wipes and earrings as a bonus because I really just wanted shoes, but these extras came at no real extra cost. I'm happy to try new things too.

So what did I pay? $32 including shipping. I say LBB FTW...

Also, my package arrived pretty quickly. The whole transaction, from purchase and trade to shipping to delivery took exactly one full week.

Have you tried Little Black Bag? My readers who use this link will receive 25% off their first order! (Discount will be automatically applied at checkout.)

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