Tuesday, June 18

My Oomph is Waning

I'm staying busy. I'm still (yes, still) looking for a job, but I can feel my enthusiasm waning. Why is my "oomph" now more like "uh"?

Sometimes it's really hard to wake up and do the same damn thing you did yesterday--work part time and search for a job--ad infinitum. I have no specified termination point for this blip of unemployment (and its accouterment of melancholy uncertainty) and, therefore, it's frustratingly difficult, nigh impossible, to plan... ANYTHING.

Vacation? Ha, definitely not happening. Unless I have a willing, unbeknownst-to-me benefactor to pay for said vacation. (If you are said benefactor, feel free to get in touch with me about this vacation we need to plan.)

Moving? Better get a job first. Or get said job to pay for relocation. There is no room in the budget for a security deposit.

Buying anything valuable? Nope. If I can't pay for it with what I've got, I can't afford it. (This includes a better functioning cell phone and tires.)

There are a host of other things I can't plan or count on, mostly because I have to wake up, work part time, and search for a job every. single. day. Until I get a job, at which point Life can resume and I will once again feel whole and like a contributing person of The World.

So for days like today when I feel like sobbing for... all of the above, I try to put myself back together with this:
via BuzzFeed

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