Monday, June 24

Adventures in Nutrition: eMeals to the Rescue (review)

Once upon a time, there was a GroupOn deal for a year's worth of dinner recipes curated by a website called eMeals. Grammarissa's struggle with what to make for dinner after running through the same tired recipes led her to buy the GroupOn deal for $29. Thus begins our story.

Grammarissa began her eMeals repertoire with the Classic recipes program (very American meat-and-potatoes stuff), but before long she tried the Clean Eating recipes and noticed how the lower fat and more natural approach to cooking was changing her outlook on making dinner. Even boyfriend noticed, and that's saying something because he doesn't usually notice much about food except when there isn't any sauce at a meal.

eMeals continued to deliver Clean Eating recipes to Grammarissa's inbox every Wednesday through stormy weather--both literal and metaphorical--and even when she didn't feel like cooking, there was usually some simple recipe she could extract from the eMeals plan for the week and put together. Best of all, when she lost her job and feared she couldn't afford to keep up the natural, good, clean approach to her nutrition, Grammarissa studied her finances over the last few months (during which she had been shopping with eMeals lists for recipes) and found that eating well was NOT out of the budget.

Now, as Grammarissa tries to wade her way through dairy- and gluten-free weeks of the Arbonne Fit Kit, the Clean Eating recipes are good, but grains pose some problem. She looked to to see if there was a gluten free offering and--alas!--there is a recipe set dedicated to this special diet request. Billed as "variety without the guesswork," the Gluten Free plan is Grammarissa's newest subscription. To be honest, she's not sure why she didn't think of this before... of course eMeals has a gluten free choice... eMeals is awesome.

If you, dear readers, should decide to give eMeals a try, please use this link (or the one in my sidebar):


And I'll get a referral credit for bringing my friends along! :)

eMeals also offers breakfast and lunch meal plans, so it's plausible that your entire diet could be planned through eMeals, if you like!

And if, after this happy story, you needed another reason to try eMeals, I'll give you the story of a friend I turned on to eMeals. She and her husband follow the Paleo Plan. Within weeks of starting, she emailed me to thank me for sharing eMeals with her and wrote a laundry list of things she learned thanks to the recipe instructions and feeling brave enough to try new things (like making marinade and curry paste from scratch). The last line of her email? "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Serious reduction in stress and increase in happiness. Thank you!"

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